DGUV Information 203-030 - Principle design rules for the use of transfer cars (in the corrugated board industry)

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Abschnitt 4.4 - Lining of the spaces between the conveyors

There is a possibility of access for persons between the individual conveyors who can then easily enter the moving range of the transfer car. In order to defuse the dangerous crushing point between transfer car and conveyor it makes sense to line the spaces between the conveyors by filling plates (as shown in picture 3).

These plates should be installed at the same height level of the conveyors and should be set out at a length of at least 1 m like a platform in order to avoid additional tripping points. It An all-over lining (exceeding 1 m length) of the spaces is recommended. In areas where a lining is impossible, e.g. due to the fact that the distance between the conveyors is too large, the measures mentioned in chapter 4.6 have to be taken.


PICTURE 3: Lining of the spaces between the conveyors