DGUV Information 214-911e - Safe operations of helicopters during aerial work

Abschnitt 5.1 - 5 Setting up outside working stations and flight routes
5.1 General requirements

Outside working stations must correspond to the permit requirements. In particular, the following conditions are to be taken into account:

  • They are to be created at the greatest possible distance from urban or used areas.

  • Residential areas, crowds of people, busy roads and bridges may only be flown over in exceptional cases and for short periods.

  • They must be free of loose objects or obstacles. Excessive dust development is to be avoided during flight operation.

  • The touchdown area must be firm and level.

Remark: Requirements on the exterior landing place are stipulated by the competent regional authorities. See also "Guidelines for granting general permits for the assignment of helicopters - new edition of 2010".

Furthermore, the following measures are to be carried out before starting flight operations:

  • fencing off against unlawful entry of third parties (e.g. fences, chain barriers)

  • equipping with fire extinguishing appliances and sufficient first aid material

  • mount equipment to recognise the wind direction

  • select parking areas for vehicles with safest possible approach and mark entrance and roads if necessary

  • if necessary consolidate the parking areas for helicopters and vehicles as well as runways and roads taking the weather situation into account

  • mount no-smoking signs