DGUV Grundsatz 300-004 e - DGUV Test Rules of Procedure for Testing and Certification Part 2: Certification of Persons

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Abschnitt 2.1 - 2 Procedure
2.1 Submission of an Application

The Applicant shall submit an application for testing and certification, in written or text form. Insofar as an application form is made available on the website of the Testing and Certification Body, it is mandatory.

Participation in the testing is subject to admission. The admission requirements are set out in the relevant Principles of Testing. All documents and proof submitted have to be written in the German language. Foreign documents have to be translated. The Testing and Certification Body may require that the translation be prepared by a publicly appointed and sworn, qualified translator.

The Testing and Certification Body shall verify that the application is complete and formally correct, and that the admission requirements have been met.

DGUV is under no obligation to accept an application. Where an application form made available is used, the contract shall be brought about upon notification from the Testing and Certification Body in text form that the application has been accepted and is being examined. Otherwise a contract shall be brought about by a contractual document signed by both sides.

As a matter of principle, applications shall be accepted in the order in which they are received, within the bounds of the available capacities.