DGUV Information 214-911e - Safe operations of helicopters during aerial work

Abschnitt 3.8 - 3.8 Inspection of work equipment and Personal Protective Equipment

To ensure safety and health protection during the provision and use of working materials the employer has to identify and arrange the necessary inspections for all working materials that are subject to influences causing damage. The nature and use of the working materials, as well as the associated potential hazard are to be taken into account when specifying the inspection periods. The basis here is the risk assessment.

Personal Protective Equipment is also to be checked before starting the assignment, at regular intervals and after exceptional occurrences by a person qualified to inspect.

Exceptional occurrences can be, for example, damage or strain due to a fall or capture.

Protective equipment thus used must be removed from further use until an expert has agreed to further usage.

The results of the inspections are to be recorded in special documents (inspection books). The records are to be kept over an appropriate period, however, until the next inspection at least. If working materials that are subject to inspection are used outside the company, proof of the execution of the last inspection is to be made available.

The insured individuals have to check by a visual inspection working materials and Personal Protective Equipment against falling for proper condition and perfect function before each use.