DGUV Information 214-911e - Safe operations of helicopters during aerial work

Abschnitt 4.1 - 4 Provision and procurement of working materials for use with helicopters
4.1 General requirements

The employer may only provide the insured individuals with working materials that are suitable for the conditions prevailing on the work place and where its intended use guarantees safety and health protection. If this cannot be fully implemented, the employer must take suitable measures to keep a hazard to the insured individuals as low as possible.

Working materials provided must comply with the provisions of the Product Safety Act (ProdSG). If the ProdSG does not apply, it must comply with the other legal regulations, at least however with the requirements of the Ordinance on industrial safety and health (BetrSichV).

All the necessary measures that have to be taken and enforced by the employer for the safe use of working materials are to be identified in a risk assessment according to Section 3.1. In particular, the ergonomic interrelationships between work place, working materials, work organisation, working procedure and work task are to be taken into account in the process.

Essential principle for the choice and priority of the measures is the danger minimisation at the potential hazard. The state of the art, of occupation medicine and hygiene as well as other substantiated findings of occupational research are to be observed in the process.