DGUV Information 214-911e - Safe operations of helicopters during aerial work

Abschnitt 3.7 - 3.7 Occupational medical prophylaxis

Occupational medical prophylaxis serve the early detection or prevention of occupational diseases or work-related illnesses. Every employer is obliged to provide health care to his employees. This includes the organisation of the occupational medical prophylaxis. The basis for this is the risk assessment.

The Occupational or Company Physician is to be contacted for the operational selection of occupational medical prophylaxis. He can advise, assess and examine the employees if necessary, regarding occupational medicine.

In the case of prophylaxis for insured individuals in helicopter companies, the following effects should be taken into account, for example:

  • "Noise"

  • "Working abroad under special climatic and health burdens"

  • "Spreading of health-threatening plant protection products".

Occupational medical prophylaxis and aptitude examinations should not be carried out together.