DGUV Regel 109-605e - Metals heat treatment sector

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Abschnitt 1 - 1 What is the purpose of this rule?

What is a DGUV Rule?

This DGUV Rule supports you by describing occupational safety and health measures tailored to your sector. For this reason, it is also termed a "sectoral rule". DGUV Rules are drawn up by experts at the German Social Accident Insurance and further OSH experts. These experts are familiar with the day-to-day conditions in companies within your sector, and know where hazards exist to the safety and health of these companies' employees.

DGUV Rules assist you in applying German state OSH regulations, DGUV accident prevention regulations, standards and numerous statutory requirements in practice. They also contain a wealth of practical tips and information on implementing occupational safety and health effectively in your company. As an employer, you are at liberty to select alternative solutions; they must however assure at least the same level of safety.

For whom is this DGUV Rule intended?

This DGUV Rule addresses you in the first instance in your capacity as an employer, since you bear responsibility for the safety and health of your employees. Owing to its high practical relevance however, the DGUV Rule is also very useful to all other parties involved in your company in occupational safety and health, such as your staff/works council, OSH professionals, company physicians and safety delegates.

This DGUV Rule provides specific assistance with occupational safety and health measures relating to metals heat treatment. It covers the most important prevention measures by which the statutory safety objectives can be met in your company and for your workforce.