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Abschnitt 3.5, 3.5 Use and Publication of Certificates and M...
Abschnitt 3.5
DGUV Test Rules of Procedure for Testing and Certification Part 2: Certification of Persons (DGUV Grundsatz 300-004)
Titel: DGUV Test Rules of Procedure for Testing and Certification Part 2: Certification of Persons (DGUV Grundsatz 300-004)
Normgeber: Bund
Amtliche Abkürzung: DGUV Grundsatz 300-004
Gliederungs-Nr.: [keine Angabe]
Normtyp: Satzung

Abschnitt 3.5 – 3.5 Use and Publication of Certificates and Marks

Insofar as the certification programme provides for a test mark to be issued by the certified person, such provisions are set out in the underlying contract.

Certificates remain the property of the certification body.

Certificates may only be used in full with indication of the date of issue and, if appropriate, the date of expiry. The use of a certificate or the name of DGUV Test and/or the Testing and Certification Body for advertising purposes is subject to prior written consent. If test and audit reports and certificates are made available to third parties, the documents must be reproduced in their entirety. Separate use of the DAkkS Symbol, of DGUV Test logos or other logos belonging to the certification programme is not permitted.

No misleading information may be provided regarding the certification and its coverage. In particular, the certificate may not be used in any way that could bring the certification body into disrepute. The certified person may not make any statements about the certification that the certification body could consider misleading or unjustified.

The certified qualification and competence alone may be advertised using certificates and/or marks.

The certified person agrees to undertake any form of advertising or other statements in commercial transactions solely with valid certificates and to refrain from any form of advertising or statement based on invalid, expired or suspended certificates. Certificates are issued to specific holders. Use by other persons or enterprises is not permitted.

With the consent of the certified person, the Testing and Certification Body may publish the issuance of a certificate. 2)

The right to use the certificates and marks expires when the certificate becomes invalid. The certified person may not use the DGUV Test Mark or advertise with it if the Testing and Certification Body has revoked or suspended the certificate or if the certificate is invalid for other reasons. If the scope of the certificate is reduced, all promotional materials shall be adjusted accordingly. DGUV Test monitors the legality of the use of marks and may inform other offices/bodies and the public accordingly.

Digital print templates for marks are available from the print services company authorized by the secretariat of DGUV Test 3). Any deviation from the digital print templates according to sentence 1 is subject to the prior written consent of the Testing and Certification Body.

Upon issuance of the certificate, the certified person is authorized to use the mark of the certification programme (see Annex 2 for a reproduction of the mark).The DGUV certification mark for persons enables the certified person to indicate in his/her correspondence and advertising that the her/she has been certified according to the requirements of a specific certification programme for persons.

The certification mark for persons may not be used to label individual products. Nor may it be used in conjunction with the manufactured products in a manner that permits the conclusion that the products (or services) as such are certified. In cases in which a certificate for the products has also been issued, the product certification may only be identified in other ways (see GS Marks, DGUV Test Marks). Likewise, the mark may not be used for laboratory test reports, calibration certificates or inspection reports.

The DGUV Test Mark may only be used together with the name of the certified person.


All valid certificates are listed in the central internet database of the secretariat of DGUV Test:



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