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Abschnitt 1 , 1 Legal basis: Duties of manufacturers and emp...
Abschnitt 1
Machine Tool Fire and Explosion Prevention and Protection (bisher: BGI/GUV-I 719 E)
Titel: Machine Tool Fire and Explosion Prevention and Protection (bisher: BGI/GUV-I 719 E)
Normgeber: Bund
Amtliche Abkürzung: DGUV Information 209-027
Gliederungs-Nr.: [keine Angabe]
Normtyp: Satzung

Abschnitt 1 – 1 Legal basis: Duties of manufacturers and employers

The aim is to protect workers as comprehensively and efficiently as possible against fire and explosion hazards during use of machine tools. For this purpose, manufacturers and users (employers or businesses) of machine tools have the following obligations:

When using flammable metalworking fluids, the employer has the duty to determine in the framework of a risk assessment at the workplace, if a hazard caused by fire or explosions is possible. For this purpose, when purchasing the machine tool, he should firstly ensure that the machine is compatible with the metalworking fluids intended to be used.

The manufacturer takes this information into account when analyzing the risk for the identification and specification of the protection concept for the machine tool. In his instruction handbook, the manufacturer gives information on the intended use and on commissioning, setting, maintenance, servicing and start-and-stop procedures.

On the basis of the information given by the manufacturer, the employer then specifies the technical and organizational measures required in his company. The measures depend on the framework conditions of the overall system and on the conditions present in the company. As a general rule, the machine tool is connected to an extraction system already present in the factory. The responsibility for the safety concept of the resulting system lies principally with the employer. He may, however, take the manufacturer's advice and have him prepare the protection concept.

Legal sources on the European level2006/42/EC Machinery Directive, if applicable other Directives according to article 95 of the EEC treatyFramework Directive on the protection of workers; other Directives, e. g. Directive for the use of work equipment
Implementation into national legislation Produktsicherheitsgesetz
(Product Safety Act) especially ordinance
(9th ProdSV)
AddresseesManufacturers, importers, dealersBusinesses
SubjectSafe productsChoice of safe work equipment suitable for the intended use

Table 1: Legal basis/overview

Fire and explosion risks are safely controlled when measures in accordance with the Machinery Directive MD 2006/42/EC Annex 1 No. 1.5.6 and 1.5.7 are implemented. Supplementary application of Directive 94/9 EC is principally not necessary, provided the machine is not operated in an explosive area.