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Abschnitt 3.7 , 3.7 SF6 gas container work
Abschnitt 3.7
SF6-Switchgear and Equipment (DGUV Information 213-013)
Titel: SF6-Switchgear and Equipment (DGUV Information 213-013)
Normgeber: Bund
Amtliche Abkürzung: DGUV Information 213-013
Gliederungs-Nr.: [keine Angabe]
Normtyp: Satzung

Abschnitt 3.7 – 3.7 SF6 gas container work

Work associated with SF6 gas containers relates to activities on mobile pressurized gas containers used for the transport of SF6 in special containers designated for the purpose (e.g. gas bottles or cylinders).

Refer also to the German Occupational Health and Safety Act (BetrSichV) for more information regarding SF 6 gas containers.

As long as SF6 gas containers are under pressure, screws on pressure-bearing components and bolted valve screws may not be loosened. They may only be tightened by specialist personnel using appropriate tools.

Specialist personnel are persons familiar with and trained for use of the equipment.

Full or empty SF6 gas containers not connected to a SF6 maintenance or filling unit must be closed and equipped with valve protection caps or valve locking nuts.

Full and empty SF6 gas containers must be secured against falling while in storage, use or transport. They may not be thrown and should be rolled only on the base of the cylinder.

SF 6 gas cylinders can be secured upright in fixed or movable racks, with clamps or chains, or the like.

Only the SF6 gas containers necessary for continuation of the work and connected to the SF6 switchgear filling unit may be present in an equipment room. In addition, an equal number of SF6 gas containers may be made available in the equipment room. For SF6 switchgear without SF6 gas containers that are permanently connected to filling units, only one SF6 gas container may be located in the equipment room. Additional SF6 gas containers must be stored in a storage facility or in an outdoor storage area.

SF6 gas containers must not be stored in work areas, rooms located below ground level, stairwells, landings, corridors or garages. Neither may they be stored in narrow courtyards, passageways and thoroughfares or their immediate vicinity, on stairs serving outdoor facilities nor along specially marked escape routes.

Storage rooms for SF6 gas containers must be sufficiently aerated and ventilated. They must not be connected to rooms located below ground level. SF6 gas containers must not be exposed to direct sunlight.