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DGUV Information 203-011e - Hand-operated cutting devices
DGUV Information 203-011e - Hand-operated cutting devices (DGUV Information 203-011)
Titel: Hand-operated cutting devices (DGUV Information 203-011)
Normgeber: Bund
Amtliche Abkürzung: DGUV Information 203-011
Gliederungs-Nr.: [keine Angabe]
Normtyp: Satzung

Hand-operated cutting devices
(DGUV Information 203-011)


string DGUV
Deutsche Gesetzliche

Stand der Vorschrift: September 2021

Table of contents Abschnitt
Scope of application  
Definitions 1
Rotary cutters 
Stack paper cutters 
Paper dispensers 
Cardboard shear cutters 
Information for the design of hand-operated cutting devices 2
Cardboard shear cutters, manual guillotine trimmers 
Stack paper cutter 
Rotary cutters 
Paper dispensers 
Operating instructions 
Operation of hand-operated cutting devices 3
Information for employees 
Inspection and maintenance 
Annex 1


DGUV Information publications are first and foremost intended to support employers in the implementation of their obligations under state occupational health and safety regulations, accident prevention regulations and, where applicable, DGUV rules, and to show ways to prevent occupational accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health problems.

Employers complying with the recommendations given in these DGUV Information publications, especially with the exemplary potential solutions, can assume to achieve the protection targets required by the accident prevention regulations as well as other protection targets of the accident insurance institutions. Other solutions are possible if safety and health protection are guaranteed in the same way. If technical rules have been established by the committees set up in order to specify state occupational health and safety regulations, these are to be observed as a matter of priority.

The technical solutions given in this DGUV Information do not exclude other solutions which are at least equally safe and which have also been specified in technical rules of other member states of the European Union or other contracting states to the Agreement on the European Economic Area.

The following design rules in this DGUV Information are presented in relation to the equipment.

Scope of application

The design rules were developed for new hand-operated cutting devices intended to cut paper or similar materials and serve to specify the Product Safety Act (ProdSG) as well as chapter 2.2 "Operation of printing and paper converting machines" of the DGUV rule 100-500 and 100-501 "Operation of technical equipment".

With regard to the different types of hand-operated cutting devices, the design rules include on the one hand requirements for construction and equipment, which concerns the application of the Product Safety Act by the manufacturer, and on the other hand requirements concerning the operation of the equipment in the respective companies. Operators of hand-operated cutting devices must comply with the EC Work Equipment Directive 2009/104/EC, which was implemented into national law in Germany by the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV).


Legal information

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The present DGUV Information is the translation of the German edition
(issued February 2021). No liability is accepted for translation errors.

The following significant changes have been made compared to the last version of this DGUV information from 2011:

  • Images have been added and graphics have been revised.

  • The sections "Scope of application", "General", "Cardboard shear cutters, manual guillotine trimmers", "Stack paper cutters", "Paper dispensers", "Operating instructions" have been technically specified.

  • The section "Operation of hand-operated cutting devices" was added.

DGUV Information 203-011
Obtainable from: your accident insurance institution, or at
www.dguv.de/publikationen Webcode: p203011

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