DGUV Regel 109-605e - Metals heat treatment sector (DGUV Regel 109-605)

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DGUV Regel 109-605e - Metals heat treatment sector
DGUV Regel 109-605e - Metals heat treatment sector (DGUV Regel 109-605)
Titel: Metals heat treatment sector (DGUV Regel 109-605)
Normgeber: Bund
Amtliche Abkürzung: DGUV Regel 109-605
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Normtyp: Satzung

Metals heat treatment sector
(DGUV Regel 109-605)


string DGUV
Deutsche Gesetzliche

Date of publication: German edition: March 2019, English version issued January 2021

Table of content Abschnitt
What is the purpose of this rule? 1
Principles of occupational safety and health 2
Principles applicable to all sectors 2.1
Workplaces and tasks: hazards and measures 3
General hazards in heat treatment plants and measures to be taken 3.1
Qualification of all parties involved 3.1.1
Personal protective equipment 3.1.2
Work-related health hazards - mental stress 3.1.3
Work-related health hazards - workplace health 3.1.4
Competence, qualification, preventive medical care, aptitude 3.1.5
Fire safety 3.1.6
Temporary storage and manual transport of hardening material 3.1.7
Industrial trucks 3.1.8
Cranes 3.1.9
Servicing and maintenance 3.1.10
Inspection on heat treatment plants 3.1.11
Hazards associated with heat treatment in industrial furnaces employing air or process gas atmospheres; corresponding measures 3.2
Workrooms and work areas 3.2.1
Supply of energy and media 3.2.2
Methanol tank 3.2.3
Supply of ammonia 3.2.4
Liquefied petroleum gas tank 3.2.5
Liquid nitrogen tank 3.2.6
Storage and refilling of quenching oils 3.2.7
Discharge of waste gases 3.2.8
Operation of furnace plants 3.2.9
Handling of hardening material and fixtures 3.2.10
Formation of explosive atmospheres 3.2.11
Hot surfaces and cryogenic gases 3.2.12
Operation of oil baths 3.2.13
Hazards associated with salt baths and measures to be taken 3.3
Requirements for workrooms and work areas 3.3.1
Areas in the proximity of salt baths 3.3.2
Storage of and activities involving heat treatment salts 3.3.3
Handling of molten salts 3.3.4
Draining and cleaning salt baths 3.3.5
Maintenance work and tests on salt baths 3.3.6
Process gas furnaces employing salt quenching baths 3.3.7
Particular requirements associated with heat treatment of aluminium or wrought aluminium alloys in nitrite/nitrate salt baths 3.3.8
Further sources of information 4
References 4.1
Annex: Structural requirements set out in DGUV Regel 109-007 (concerning guidelines for the heat treatment of steel and other heavy metals in salt baths; formerly BGR 153) 4.2
Annex: Structural requirements set out in DGUV Vorschrift 59 concerning the heat treatment of aluminium and wrought aluminium alloys in nitrate salt baths (formerly BGV D14) 4.3


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DGUV Regel 109-605
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