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Occupational Health and Safety Management - Achieving system-based success Information for business owners and managers (DGUV Information 211-030)


Titel: Occupational Health and Safety Management - Achieving system-based success Information for business owners and managers (DGUV Information 211-030)
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Amtliche Abkürzung: DGUV Information 211-030
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Information, offers and publications

Information and offers which simplify the practical implementation:

We offer the following especially for your sector:

  • Information, assistance and seminars

  • Professional personal contacts

(Refer to the information in the internet at www.dguv.de)

Further information and publications from the specialist committee "Occupational health and safety organisation" (FA ORG) of the German Social Accident Insurance Scheme (DGUV), e. g.

  • Improving the performance of the occupational health and safety with an OHSMS (indicators and criteria on the effectiveness of an OHSMS) (in german)

  • Procedural principle on the assessment of OHSMS (in german)

  • National guidelines for OHSMS (in german)

(Download at www.dguv.de Webcode d657256)

Details of the assessment

Enquiry at your Professional Association

You will receive information on the approach surrounding the assessment and on suitable OHSMS offers. We check the conditions for an assessment, determine the scope of validity and reach an agreement with you.


At the start of the assessment procedure, there is either

  • a self check by the company (e. g. with one of our implementation aids) or

  • an appraisal by the Professional Association (e. g. in the scope of an OHSMS consultation).

Planning and implementation of measures

As the result of the appraisal, you optimise your occupational health and safety organisation. If required we will support you in the scope of our OHSMS offers, e.g. with material for the implementation, advice or seminars.

Pre-assessment (stage 1)

The OHSMS documentation and procedures in your company are assessed, e.g. regarding the implementation of measures after the appraisal, the goals of the occupational health and safety, the implementation of obligations under public law, or the process of continual improvement within the area of validity. Your OHSMS documentation has to contain statements on the contents of our implementation aids and/or the relevant elements of chapter 2 of the national guidelines for OHSMS. If your OHSMS documentation is insufficient then you are able to carry out the necessary improvements prior to the subsequent assessment.

In-company assessment (stage 2)

In the scope of the assessment, via

  • surveys,

  • the checking of records and

  • the observation of activities and processes,

the implementation of the OHSMS is assessed and the effectiveness of the OHSMS is checked on the basis of representative spot tests. In this context the focal point is on acting effectively in the area of occupational health and safety on location.

Report and certification

You will then receive a report regarding the assessment and its results which also contains possible suggested improvements and recommendations. After a successful assessment, a certificate will be issued by the leader of our Professional Association which confirms that the OHSMS in your company satisfies the requirements of a systematic and effective occupational health and safety on the basis of the "Safe with System" seal of quality and/or the national guidelines for OHSMS. If no certification is issued on the basis of deviations, a supplementary assessment is possible subsequent to improvements. The certification is valid for three years insofar as the agreed bases for it continue to exist. Before the expiration of its validity you can apply for a new certification in connection with a repeat assessment.

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