DGUV Information 209-074e - Industrial robots (DGUV Information 209-074)

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Abschnitt 7.4, 7.4 Maintenance requirements for design
Abschnitt 7.4
Industrial robots (DGUV Information 209-074)
Titel: Industrial robots (DGUV Information 209-074)
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Amtliche Abkürzung: DGUV Information 209-074
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Abschnitt 7.4 – 7.4 Maintenance requirements for design

The specific maintenance requirements should already be queried in good time and be included in the design of the system in the scope of the risk assessment. This includes e. g. control devices which possibly should be positioned completely outside the safeguards, e. g. electric, pneumatic and hydraulic display devices, terminal boxes and control cabinets. Thus, it can be prevented that employees are forced to suspend safeguards for trouble-shooting.

This also includes the planning of passages and ascents. This is particularly important if e. g. control cabinets are relocated to an elevated position due to the confined space conditions which frequently can be found at the place of installation (Figure 59).

Note: All switching cabinets, displays, panels and similar which require regular access, e. g. for operation, maintenance or cleaning, shall be provided with fixed means of access, e. g. platforms, ladders. Mobile ladders are not sufficient.

Fig. 59 Fixed access to the control cabinet with ladder and platform [H]